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News from Gas Point

Every Sunday at the gas station “Gas Point” the price is reduced by 1 UAH / liter for all types of fuel. Thus, absolutely all customers who refuel on Sundays can benefit.
The promotion is valid until 31.12.2020.


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We are pleased to inform you that a new gas station “Gas Point” has opened in the city of Podolsk, Odessa region. The filling station is located at vul. Nekrasova, 3 on the territory of the gas industry.
In honor of the opening to all new customers – a Prioritet bonus card as a gift!


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Fuel cards “Gas Point” for all types of fuel are available for both individuals and legal entities. There are many advantages to purchasing refueling cards. With their help, you can refuel at a gas station at any time of the day without withdrawing cash from an ATM, which is very convenient. When registering a fuel card, the owner gets access to his personal account, where all operations that were carried out with the card are recorded and you can individually set a refueling limit.

This is very beneficial for the owners of trucking businesses.

Gas Point fuel cards are protected by several security levels. Having lost the card, you can be sure that no one will use it. The fuel card (chip) is protected from counterfeiting and copying of service information.

Using the Gas Point fuel card during a calendar month, you will receive a cashback-refund to your account in the form of a discount.


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Fuel coupons GAS POINT is a convenient form of payment for both individuals and legal entities. Especially for large enterprises with their own vehicle fleet.

Fuel coupons indicate the amount and type of fuel, as well as a unique coupon number. Buying coupons, you receive a complete package of documents with a complete list of all purchased coupon numbers. This feature allows the heads of transport departments of companies that have a large fleet of vehicles to control fuel sampling and simplify reporting.

GAS POINT coupons are valid throughout the entire GAS POINT gas station network. The company is actively working on expanding the existing network of filling stations.

You can buy coupons in the office of the Gas Point company and at the gas station, as well as by ordering by phone 0504100720.

The cost is determined at the time of purchase.


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Car refueling company “GasPoint” changes working format from 08/04/2018 in Khlebodarskoye on circle near two pillars.

New format “Wholesale CRS” gives opportunity for everyone to refuel high-qualitty fuel  in any quantity at a wholesale price!


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Our little friends, FC Chernomorets at international tournament in France! Cheer up and support our young, Odessa athletes!


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Good news for the drivers of the village of Kotovsky, we have put into operation a new gas module and now you can refuel with LPG at the filling station “GAS Point” in Kryzhanovka.


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  We are happy to inform you that Odessa citizens finally got chance to get acquainted with our fuel since the New Year brought a replenishment to Gas Point in the form of 5 new filling stations within Odessa!

  Our filling stations can now be found in almost every city district, namely:

  • Odessa city, 2a Krasnova str.
  • Odessa city, 6a Buhaivs’ka str.
  • Odessa region, village of Kryzhanivka, 5 Mykolaivs’ka road
  • Odessa region, village of Lymanka, 10 Illichivs’ka road
  • Odessa region, village of Khlibodars’ke, 2 Tyraspils’ke road


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