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Fuel cards and their advantages

Fuel cards "Gas Point" for all types of fuel are available for both individuals and legal entities. There are many advantages to purchasing refueling cards. With their help, you can refuel at a gas station at any time of the day without withdrawing cash from an ATM, which is very convenient. When registering a fuel card, the owner gets access to his personal account, where all operations that were carried out with the card are recorded and you can individually set a refueling limit.

This is very beneficial for the owners of trucking businesses.

Gas Point fuel cards are protected by several security levels. Having lost the card, you can be sure that no one will use it. The fuel card (chip) is protected from counterfeiting and copying of service information.

Using the Gas Point fuel card during a calendar month, you will receive a cashback-refund to your account in the form of a discount.