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*The average price on the network of gas stations "GAS POINT". The price may differ in different regions.

Gas Point is

High quality fuel

Wide range of offers for business

“Food Point” - consumer goods stores

Loyalty policy: promotions and prize drawings

Unobtrusive Odessa service

Wholesale CRS for everyone!

Car refueling company "GasPoint" changes working format from 08/04/2018 in Khlebodarskoye on circle near two pillars.

New format "Wholesale CRS" gives opportunity for everyone to refuel high-qualitty fuel  in any quantity at a wholesale price!

Our little friends, FC Chernomorets at international tournament in France!

Cheer up and support our young, Odessa athletes!

new discount program

  • Daily discount (from 7.00 to 21.00)
        The basic discount for gasoline and diesel is 50 kop. / liter. With a single refueling from 30 liters the discount size increases to 1gr.
        The basic discount for gas is 25 kop. / liter. For a single refueling from 20 liters , the discount increases by up to 50 pp. 
  • Night discount (from 21.00 to 7.00)

        At night, the maximum discount of 1grn to gasoline, diesel and 50 kop. to gas single refueling from 10 liters
  • When refueling with gasoline or diesel fuel from 25 liters - Americano coffee for 0,01kop
  • In Birthday Customer there are special discounts in the amount of 1 UAH / liter for gasoline, diesel and gas.
  • With a Prioritet card, a discount in the FoodPoint store is 10%.

Prioritet – loyalty program

  • The basic discount for petrol, diesel  is -0.20 UAH / liter. With a single refueling of 20/30 liters, the discount increases accordingly to -0.40/-0.60 UAH / liter .
  • The basic discount for gas  is -0.20 UAH / liter. With a single refueling of 20 liters, the discount increases accordingly to -0.40 UAH / liter .
The discount card “Prioritet” grants 5% discount in the “Food Point” consumer goods stores.

Network map

About company Gas Point

Gas Point is the operator of filling station network in the southern and central regions of Ukraine, the main activity of which is fuel and consumer goods retail sales through the Gas Point filling stations network.

Gas Point is the loyal, dynamic company, focused primarily on the NEEDS of its customers. The fuel that we sell meets the ‘Euro 5’ quality standards and is confirmed by factory passports.

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Wholesale CRS for everyone!

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FC Chernomorets at international tournament in France!

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